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SIAC's acoustic enclosure can reduce reverberation and reflected noise in industrial environments. Our design will take into consideration of ventilations, penetrations, access openings, doors and vision panels. We provide simple and cost effective solutions which are suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Enclosures use the modular system. The modular acoustic panels can be dismantled and re-assembled to another location without affecting the acoustic performance. The enclosure can be enlarged or reduced in size to meet future requirements.

Typical acoustic enclosure application includes:


  • Compressor Enclosures provide an effective solution for noise reduction of air compressors.
  • Diesel and Gas Generator Enclosures are an effective shield from noise-making generators and machinery.
  • Personnel Noise Shelters provide outstanding noise reduction and create a quiet comfortable workspace for workers.
  • Soundproof observation rooms and offices protect workers from the risk of hearing damage due to the noisy environment zone and machinery.


  • Power plant
  • Generator rooms
  • Mechanical equipments
  • Plasma spray booths
  • Natural air compressor
  • Oil and Gas industry